Vip Club

Pokerplex24 VIP Club – A poker player’s dream came true!

In PokerPlex24 we always try to give the best to our players. We made an accurate research regarding the various VIP programs around the world of online poker and we have just launched definitely one of the most exceptional VIP Clubs that will help you to build and maintain your steady bankroll. We ensure you that today PokerPlex24 has the best offer that a player can get across the Network.


Instant VIP Level Update – You don’t have to wait until the end of the month to have your VIP level updated, but you can now enjoy all the benefits of your level as soon as you reach it.

Earn points according to the table currency – You don’t have to worry any more about which table currency you can play with, in any case you will produce rake & fee and accumulate Points.

Incredible Points exchange rate – We invite you to check out any other VIP Program on the network, to be able to see that PokerPlex24 is generously rewarding you for your efforts.

Here is how the VIP Club works.

While playing at our tables, you earn Points in Real Time.

The table below shows the Players’ points collection for every euro of rake or fee:

Tournaments €1 fee 10 Points
Cash Games €1 rake
Sit & Go’s €1 fee

Points are earned at the following rate: $1 = 10; €1 = 10; £1 = 14

Play in PokerPlex24 and unlock all the benefits reserved for VIP players, while you climb the levels shown in the table below:

Benefits 1 Star 2 Star 3 Star 4 Star 5 Star
Points to reacheach level 0 200 1000 2500 5000
PokerPlex24 Pointsexchange x x x x
Exclusive Races, Tournaments and Competitions x x x x

Exchange Points for Cash

Once you’ve accumulated PokerPlex24 Points, you can exchange them into Cash, any time, by clicking on ‘Cashier’ in your PokerPlex24 client.

More points you accumulate, more cash money you have.

The table below displays the points and the exchange rate.

VIP Level Points per € Rakeback %
2 90 11%
3 65 15%
4 50 20%
5 33 30%

Click Here for a 5-steps guide of cashing in your points.

So as well as great cash rewards, the higher your VIP level the greater the Freeroll offering!

Terms and Conditions: