Texas Holdem Poker

Texas Hold’em is the most famous and popular versions of all the Pokers played in the world today. It also happens to be one of the easiest too. It begins by player dealing with two hole cards that can only be seen and used by them. Then there are the 5 community cards that are laid out in the middle of the table, which everyone can see and use. None or at least one of the hole cards can be exchanged with the community cards to give the players a 5 card hand.

There are four rounds in Texas Hold’em poker. All these four include betting, and it proceeds in a clockwise manner. The betting starts with the person setting next to the dealer button. Most of the online games have replaced the dealer button with the “real” dealer. In cases of two or more than two players having the same strong winning combinations of cards, it will be declared as a tie, and the winning will be split between the winners. In cases of an odd chip of any sort, the person on the left of the dealer button will receive this.

The Blinds
Blind bets are places by the players sitting next to the dealer button before the game starts. And these are called blinds because these are made before the players even get to view their cards. It’s more like an assurance to the players that the pot already contains money as the game begins. The person sitting right next to the dealer button get to place the ‘small blind’ and the player sitting to his next gets to place the ‘big blind’.

Pre-Flop Action
The pocket or the hole cards are dealt with the cards being face down. The game begins with the third person sitting to the left of the dealer button, who is the person sitting next to person who placed the ‘big blind’. This third person has 3 options to play; they can fold, raise the bet or call the bet.

Give up stake in the hand and the cards too,

Increase the bet amount, or

Try and match up to the Big Blind amount.

This betting rhythm continues among all players in a clockwise manner, till everyone gets to act on their hands. If one of the players decides to raise, then the rest of players should also raise up to that amount, fold without investing any further or re-raise.

The layer who had placed the big blind, the bet that was placed before the game began, has the option to stay in the game without adding any extra bets to the pot.

The Flop is dealt with once all the players have folded and matched each other’s bets.

The Flop
This is where the three community cards face up on the table, the players can use this to make their up their five card hands.

The Turn
The third round of betting follows with the fourth community cards being face up on the table.

The River
The final round of betting begins after the final communities of cards are dealt with.

The Showdown
During the shakedown, the remaining one or more than one [players reveal their cards and the highest hand ends up winning. The pot is split if the 2 players end up having an identical hand.