Poker has its own terminology just as all other games and sports do. Here you will find not only specific Poker terms, but also terms that are now commonly used for online poker.


When a player bets all his chips in the game at any time, he is considered to have gone ‘All-in’. Players tend to go all-in in two common scenarios. One is when they do not have enough chips that are required to make a bet and so they have no choice but to bet all the chips he is left. The other scenario is when a player makes a strategic decision to bet all his chips in a game that has No Limits.

Once a player has gone all in, one of two things can happen. He can either lose all his money, or he can win a portion of the pot until the time he went all-in. All bets placed after that go to the side pot and the player who has gone all-in does not get a portion of those bets.

In the online context, if and when a player uses his connection to the server, he is considered to be all-in.


When a person uses a figure or an image to represent himself in online tournaments, the figure or image is called his avatar.

Away from Table

In poker tournaments, you are not allowed to ‘sit-out’ a game. Instead, you can be away from the table’. What this means is that you will be you will be dealt into every hand, blinds will be posted in your turn and folded in case of the raise before the flop or a bet after the flop. So when you want a break from the game, or if you need to leave in the middle of the game or you internet connection breaks down while you are playing, you are automatically considered ‘away from the table’.

Bad Beat

When one player is a hot favorite, but loses to a player who has been an underdog in statistical terms, it is called a bad beat.

Big Blind/Limit Poker

When you are playing a game of poker that involves using a blind to add money to the pot, the bi blind is the lowest bet in the pot. For instance, in a $10/$20 game, $10 is the big blind. The big blind is preceded by a small blind, which is placed by the person playing first, i.e. the person on the dealer’s left.


Blinds are compulsory bets placed in the game of poker to ensure that enough money is in play. Small blinds and big blinds are rotated around the table.


The cards of the community in Hold’em are known as the board collectively.


In real poker room, when a round of card is to be dealt, the first card is put aside to prevent cheating because in theory it is possible to cheat by knowing what the following card is. Since there is no danger of such an occurrence in online poker rooms, there is no need for them to burn cards.


In some games of poker, the position of the dealer becomes highly relevant for effective strategizing. In such games, a disc shaped marker is used to identify the position of the table for each specific round.


You are required to pay a required amount of cash to play any poker game. This required amount is called a buy-in. In tournaments, the amount you pay as entry fee is considered to be the buy-in. In a ring game, there are minimum as well as maximum buy-ins so that you are allowed to put only a specified amount onto the table.


When a player places a bet that matches the previous bet on the table, it is known as the call.


In poker games, with limits, cap is the number of raises of bets allowed in a round of betting.


If there are no bets on the table, you can also choose to not place a bet at that time. This is called a check.


You may need to download software on your computer that allows you to connect to the servers at the poker room. This software is called the client.


When two or more players cheat by sharing information between each other to get an advantage over another player or players, it is known as collusion.

Community Cards

Some poker games like Texas Hold’em and Omaha have cards that are placed face up and shared by all the players. Such cards are known as community cards.

Dead Blind

In the event that you miss your turn to place blinds and you want to come back and place your blinds before your turn, you can do so by placing both your blinds together. This is considered the same as calling in a bet. Instead, it is known as dead blind.

Dead Hand

When a hand is no lingered to be in the game, it is known as the dead hand.

Down Cards

In some poker games, players are dealt cards that are face down. These cards are known as down cards.

Drawing Dead

When a player tries to make a hand by pulling cards, knowing that there is already another hand at the table that will ace it, even if his hand is made, it is known as drawing dead.


Drop, or Fold, is the term used when you no longer want to play with your hand in the game, and you decide to return them to the muck.

Face Down

Cards that are dealt to a player, but not visible to other players are known as face down cards.

Face Up

When cards are dealt so that they are face up and visible to everyone, they are known as face up cards.


This is a term specific to Texas Hold’em. There are three community cards that are dealt in a game and these are known as flop. Also, the first 3 cards, which are dealt simultaneously, on the board, they are called flop.


In a hand of five cards, if all of them belong to the same suit, the hand is called a flush.


Fold, or drop, is a term used when you wish to proceed no more in the game with your hand.

Forced Bet

In some poker games, when a player sits in the game, he has to place a compulsory bet known as the forced bet.

Four Of a Kind

When you have four cards in hand and all four are of the same rank, it is called four of a kind.


In some online poker tournaments, either or both the entry fee and the stake are waived. Such tournaments are known as freeroll tournaments.

Full House

When you have 5 cards and they contain a three of a kind and a pair, the hand is known as the full house.


When you play online poker, you will see an image of yourself along with that of other players sitting around a poker table in a poker room. The artwork required to create this imagery is known as graphics.


A hand is the set of cards the player uses during a single round of the poker game you are playing.

Heads Up

When only 2 players are left in a game to contend for the pot money, it is called the heads up.

Head to Head

A head to head is a two player poker game.

High card

The card with the highest rank in your hand, is called the high card.


In one of the many variations of poker, the pot is divided between the player with the best hand and the worst hand. What the best hand and the worst hand may be is usually pre-decided.


Hold’em, Texas Holdem as it is popularly known as, is a poker game where there are 3 community cards that can be used by all players along with the two face down cards that each player gets.

Hole Cards

When a hand consists of using down cards, the down cards are also known as the hole cards.


A player who is participating in a game and has not yet folded his cards is known as a player who is in.

Inside Straight

When a player is holding one card less for a straight, and he gets that last card required to make a straight, as long as the last card is the not the highest card of the hand, it is known as getting the inside straight.


A poker room may set up an opportunity to win a certain amount of money and lay down the exact specifications for winning that money. This is known as the jackpot.


When a card is used to break the ties between two pairs or two cards, it is known as the kicker.

Live Blind

In some poker games, some players are required to place blind bets even before the cards are dealt to ensure that there is money in the pot. These players continue to have the option of raising their cards when their turn comes and play accordingly. Such blind bets are known as live blinds.

Main Pot

The main pot is the term given to the initial pot of money. Once one or more player goes all-in, side pots get created for all the players that are not all in.


Muck is a term that can be used either to refer to all the folded as well as discarded cards in a game, or to refer to the act of passing your hand face down to the dealer when a game is over.

Multi Table Tournament

A multi table tournament is one where all players start out with the same number of chips, players compete at more than one table and the game lasts until one player has won all the chips in the game. There is also a prize payout, the size of which depends upon the number of players and the entrance fee paid by each. A multi table tournament is announced well ahead of time and players are required to register for game and pay the entrance fee in advance.


In a game of poker, a nice hand is abbreviated to nh

No Limit

No limit is a one of the many variations of poker, where there is no limit to the number of chips a player can bet from those on his table.


Omaha is a variation of the game where there are 5 community cards shared by all players along with the four face down cards that each player gets. To win, a hand must contain three community cards and two down cards of the player. A High/Low variant is also very popular in this game.

Omaha High/Low

This is variation of Omaha, where there are 5 community cards and 4 face down cards for each player. The pot is divided between the best hand and the worst hand, each of which are required to contain 2 face down cards and 3 community cards. It is possible for one player to win the entire pot by making the best hand as well as the worst hand, using different sets of cards.

On the Button

The button is a disc shaped marker used to identify the dealer in some poker games where the dealer position makes a difference to the game. This marker is rotated around the table. Being on the button implies that it is your turn to be the dealer.

One on One

One on One is the same as head to head, where a game of poker is played between two people.


When the best hand in a player’s hand is two cards of the same rank, the hand is known as the pair.


Pass is the same as fold or check, but applicable to specific games of poker.

Play Chips

When you want to play poker without using real cash, you can play with ‘play chips’ that have no value in financial terms.

Playing the Board

There are 5 community cards in Texas Hold’em. When a player uses all 5 cards as his best hand, it is known as playing the board.

Pocket Cards

In some games of poker, two down cards are laid at the beginning of the game. These two cards are known as pocket cards.


The number of chips that can be won in every round of poker is known as the pot.

Pot Limit

One of the many variations of poker, this one allows players to bet the same number of chips as there are in the pot prior to his turn.


It is possible for players to create an online profile which allows them to give as much personal information as they like to other people.


When a player increases the bet than that placed by a previous player, it is known as a raise.


When playing a ring game, the house is allowed to take a portion of the pot as service fee once the pot reaches a pre-specified amount. This amount is known as the rake.

Raked Hand

During a ring game, if a player is dealt cards in a game that ends up generating the rake, then the hand is called a raked hand, even if the player folds before the flop.


The value assigned to each card in poker is the rank of the card. The rank increases from 2 to ten, following which are Jack, Queen, King and Ace. In the poker variation High/Low, the Ace may be considered the highest as well as the lowest rank.


When a player buys more chips during a game, it is known as a re-buy. However, a player is not allowed to get more money during the hand that he is playing.


Once a player has placed his chips on the table and then he proceeds to remove some of them, it is known as reducing and is considered to be in bad form.


Registration is the process which enables you to participate in online poker games and tournaments. You are required to create a username, password and provide other details like email address and your current location.


Rive, also known as the Fifth Street, is the last, that is the fifth, community card in some variations of poker games.


A round is when a set of cards are dealt and betting happens between players.

Royal Flush

When a hand consists of all the cards upwards of ten in the same suit, the hand is known as the royal flush and is the best possible hand to get in poker.


A sort of prelims for large poker tournaments is called a satellite. The winners of satellite tournaments are allowed to participate in the large tournament.

Screen Name

The screen name is the name you choose to be known by in online poker rooms.


Many poker websites require you to download software from their website that will allow you to link to their servers. When such software installs itself on download, it is known as self-install software.


In online poker, the poker rooms are the servers to which you need to be connected in order to participate in the online poker games.


After the final bet is placed, all players are required to either show their cards or add them to the muck. This stage in the game of poker is known as the showdown.

Side Pot

When one player goes all-in, a side pot gets created for all the players who are not all-in. depending on how many players go all-in, there may be multiple side pots in any one game of poker. Once a player goes all-in and a side pot gets created, he does not get any share of the side pot.

Single Table Tournament

A single table tournament is one where all players have to buy in to a seat and they all get the same number of chips. The tournament begins when all the seats at the table are filled and finishes when one player has won all the chips. The buy-in money is used to create a prize pool which is distributed to the top winners if the game.

Sit ‘N’ Go

There are poker tournaments that begin as soon as the numbers of seats around the table are filled up. Such tournaments are called sit ‘n’ go tournaments.

Sit Out

A sit out is when a player chooses not to participate in the game but wants to retain his seat. Different poker rooms apply different conditions as well as time allowed for sit outs.

Small Blind

In some variations of poker like Omaha and Hold’em, the player sitting to the left of the dealer has to place a compulsory bet. This compulsory bet is known as the small blind.


When you are playing a poker game with Limits, there will be restrictions on how high the bets and raises can go. This maximum limit is the stake.


When a player gets a hand in which all five cards are in rank order, the hand is called a straight, irrespective of the suits of the cards.

Straight Flush

When a player gets a hand where all five cards are in rank order as well as of the ame suit, the hand is called a straight flush.


Some poker games follow the variation where each player is dealt down cards and then up cards. The up cards can be used for the player they are dealt to alone. Such games are generically known as stud games.


The deck of cards is divided into sets of cards in one of the four suits: Hearts, Spades, Diamonds and Clubs.

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is a popular variation of poker where there are 5 community cards as well as 2 down cards dealt to each player.

Three of a Kind

When a player gets a hand where he has three cards of the same rank, the hand is known as Three of a Kind.

Tournament Buy In

Players are required to pay a sum of money to play in poker tournaments. This amount is known as tournament buy in. This tournament buy in money goes into the prize pool which is then divided among the top winners of the game.

Tournament Entry Fee

The house charges a small amount as entry fee to players who want to participate in its tournament.


The hand, Three if a Kind, is also known as Trips.


This is a fast variation of poker, where players are allowed a minimal amount of time in which to make a decision.


In poker games like Omaha and Texas Hold’em, which has community cards, the fourth one is called the turn.

Two Pair

When a player gets a hand, which has two pairs in it, the hand is known as two pairs.

Under Raise

When a player has to go all-in in order to raise the bet, but still doesn’t have enough chips for a full raise, it is known as the under raise.

Up Card

In some poker games, some cards are dealt face up so that they are visible to all the players. Such cards are known as the up cards.


When a player gets a hand that has 5, 4, 3, 2, A, the hand is known as the wheel and is the best possible low hand in poker.