Dirty Dozen Jackpot

Win the $2,000 Jackpot in our Dirty Dozen Jackpot Tournaments.

The Dirty Dozen is a two table twelve-player, $2 + $0.40 sit ‘n’ go tournament. Once the twelve players are registered and have sat down at the table, the tournament begins. But unlike regular sit ‘n’ go tournaments, if you manage to win four tournaments in a row, you’ll take home not only the regular tournament winnings, but also receive the Dirty Dozen Jackpot Prize!

The Dirty Dozen offers great value for money.
With a small buy-in and a great Jackpot you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.


POKERPLEX24 will pay a €2,000 Jackpot Prize to the winner of four consecutive €2 (€1.66 + €0.34) “Dirty Dozen – Jackpot Sit ‘N’ Go” tournaments. This prize will be awarded according to the following terms and conditions:

1. Players who have won four consecutive 12-player “Dirty Dozen – Jackpot Sit ‘N’ Go” tournaments with a buy-in of €2 (€1.66 + €0.34) will write to the POKERPLEX24 support team at support@pokerplex24.com for verification, providing details and dates of the tournaments, within 48 hours of the final consecutive tournament.

2. The Jackpot prize will be paid only after the consecutive winning games have been checked for any signs of collusive play.

3. Tournaments are considered as consecutive for the purposes of this promotion if their starting times are consecutive.

4. 4 consecutive Sit ‘N’ Go tournaments with the same 12 players will not be eligible for this promotion.

5. If a tournament is interrupted due to a server problem it will be settled as per our regular interruption policy. For the purpose of the Jackpot this tournament will be considered not to have run. It will not count towards a player’s consecutive wins but neither will it count as a losing tournament in a player’s sequence. In the event that there are only two players left when the interruption took place the players will be able to either use it as part of a consolation prize claim or dis-regard the interrupted tournament and carry on with their winning sequence as if this tournament had not taken place.

6. A player found trying to enter with more than one account into a Sit ‘N’ Go tournament will not be eligible for this promotion.

7. Players from the same IP address, or from the same household, are not eligible to enter the same Sit ‘N’ Go tournament for purposes of this promotion. We reserve the right to refuse the claim if we find close family members e.g. Father, mother, son, daughter or siblings have taken part.

8. The use of offensive language in the chat or an attempt to influence the actions of other players in any way, will disqualify a player from winning a Jackpot prize. This applies even if it is not clearly apparent that the chat has been acted upon.

9. Any player found colluding during the course of a Sit ‘N’ Go tournament in order to win the Jackpot prize will be disqualified and his account will be frozen.

10. Any player found to be “soft playing” in order to allow another player to win during the course of a Sit ‘N’ Go tournament will have his account frozen.

11. Any withdrawals made on any winnings of the Jackpot prize are subject to POKERPLEX24 standard withdrawal procedure and collusion check.

12. To be eligible to receive a jackpot prize (main jackpot or consolation prize) the winning series must be completed in a 14 day period.

13. We also reserve the right to scrutinize previous activity on the network by the claimant for evidence of collusion. If we find any such collusive activity, regardless of when it took place, it would disqualify the claimant from receiving the Jackpot prize.

14. A single SNG jackpot tournament can be used to claim only one jackpot (either winning combination or consolation combination). Once the jackpot has cleared, that tournament cannot be used for any future claims.

15. POKERPLEX24 has the right to stop this promotion, or change its conditions at any time.

16. All decisions made by the POKERPLEX24 management are final.