Poker Room

As you enter a Poker Room, you will see a poker table with players around it (unless you’re the first player to join the table). To start playing, find yourself a seat: Click the “Select” button to sit down. If all the seats are taken, you have to wait until one becomes vacant, exit and choose another table or join the waiting list for the table (you will be automatically seated once a place at an appropriate table becomes available).


Click here to see the preview

Click here to see the preview


When you sit down, there is probably a game round in progress. Wait for it to finish. Then you will be asked to post the Big blind, as you are the latest joiner.

Use the following buttons and boxes during the game:

Fold to any bet Check this box to fold your cards whenever possible.
Sit out Check this box skip the next hand. You will stay seated at the table. When you uncheck this box, you will return to the game at the start of the next hand. If you missed a round where you should have posted a blind, then you have to post it when you return to the game. You can choose to wait for your turn to post the blind.
View hand strength  Check this box to see the type of poker hand you have. The hand strength is displayed under the pot size (on the table, in front of the virtual dealer) once five cards are dealt, including your hole cards.
Auto muck Do not display your cards during Showdown, if another player has a better hand than you, or your bet has not been called.
Auto post Check this box to post blinds automatically.
Get more chips To buy chips, using the money in your total balance, click here. You can buy more chips in the middle of a game round, but you cannot use them until the round is over. Please note: if by buying chips in the middle of a round, and then winning the round, you end up with more chips than the table maximum, the extra chips will be taken away and their value returned to your balance.
Re-buy In a tournament, this allows you to make a re-buy when you are almost out of chips.(Subject to tournament settings.)
Chat To chat with other players, type your text into the chat bar and press enter, or click the “Chat” button.
Help Click this button to open the help file (which you are reading right now).
Options Click here to open the options window, where you can adjust various game settings. See the Options section of this help file for more information.
Lobby Click here to go back to the Lobby. The table window will remain open – this button does not make you leave the table.
Chat Options Click the “Chat Options” next to the chat window to select what sort of data you prefer to see in the chat window: “Summary” contains a summarized row for every hand, “Dealer” contains all actions made by the dealer and the players during the game, “Player” contains chatting between players.
History Clicking this button will enable you to view the hands played on the current table during your current game session.
Stats Clicking this button will open a statistics window with an overview of the hands played in the table during your current session.
Player note By clicking the player’s name tag you’ll be able to enter a short comment on the player. You’ll always be able to distinguish players for whom you’ve already made comments by a stapled note on their name tag; the complete note will be displayed when you hover over the player’s name tag or avatar.
Your Buddy By clicking the player’s name tag you’ll also be introduced to the option to mark the player as your buddy. You can later search for “Only buddies” in the Poker lobby and see where your favourite buddies are playing.
Ignore Chat If you check this box, you will not see the player chatting. You will see a little icon in the top left corner of the player’s name tag, in the shape of a speech bubble with a red X. You can also ignore or un-ignore a player by right-clicking on the name tag.


On the right side of the table you will see a small picture of two cards. Click on this to open a Blackjack game.