Refer a Friend

Why not invite your friend(s) to join you at the tables with PokerPlex24.

Your account will be credited with $50 bonus when your friend(s) meet the play requirement of 2,000 PokerPlex24 Points.

Remember the more friends you refer, the more money you make. So don´t hesitate to spread the word.

    • Players referred through the offer must accrue a minimum of 1,000 PokerPlex24 Points to facilitate awarding of the first $25 bonus, with an additional $25 being released for a further 1,000 PokerPlex24 Points.
    • Refer-a-Friend submissions will be reviewed daily with all bonuses to the referrer paid directly into your poker account upon confirmation of your friend(s) meeting the deposit requirement.
    • New players referred to the site must open an account within 21 days of referral notification being sent and  make a deposit of minimum £$€10 for both the player and referrer to retain their eligibility for the bonus pertinent to each.
    • To qualify for a Refer a Friend bonus you must have made at least one deposit yourself of no less than $€£50 for each new player referred.
    • Bonuses are not awarded to either the referrer or the player referred when the referred player has an existing account prior to being sent a referral notification.
    • Referred players have 90 days from use of the bonus code in which to complete the bonus conditions.