Poker Lobby

The lobby screen is split into three main parts. On the left is the Choose Game tree. Choose whether you want to play at cash or play money tables, register for tournaments, play casino games, or look at the list of players online.

Click here to see the preview

Click here to see the preview

My Tournaments
At the top of the lobby tree, you can see the My Tournaments option. Click on it to view all the tournaments you have registered for.

Quick Search
At the top of the lobby tree, you can see the Quick Search option. This allows you to select some parameters, and display all tables that match your selections.

The Quick Search section is separated into two, Ring Tables and Tournaments. The following options are available for table search:

  • Real Money/Play Money – whether you want to search real-money tables, or fun-only tables.
  • Game – what game you want to play.
  • Type – the table limit type.
  • Stakes – the stakes for this table.
  • Min Players – how many players must already be seated at the table.
  • DP – show tables with disconnection protection.
  • Non DP – show tables without disconnection protection.
  • Heads Up – show Heads Up (2-player) tables.
  • 6 Players – show tables with 6 seats.
  • 8 Players – show tables with 8 seats.
  • 10 Players – show tables with 10 seats.
Click Search Tables to show all matching tables.

The following options are available for tournament search:

  • Buy-in – the tournament’s buy-in amount.
  • Game – the game that will be played in the tournament.
  • Type – limit type for the tournament’s tables.
  • Sit ’n’ go – show tournaments that will start as soon as there are enough players.
    • Heads Up – show two-player tournaments.
    • 6 Players – show tournaments with up to 6 players.
    • 10 Players – show tournaments with up to 10 players.
    • 12+ Players – show tournaments with 12 players or more.
  • Scheduled – show tournaments that will start at a particular time.
    • Starts in – show tournaments whose start times are within this period.
  • Satellites only – only show tournaments whose winners get to play in a big tournament.

Click Search Tournaments to show all matching tournaments.
Navigating the lobby tree
Click the + and – squares to navigate the tree and choose your game. A list of tables available for that game will appear in the center of the screen. Check the Hide Full box in the top left corner to only display tables that have at least one open seat available. The columns of the room list are explained below:

  • Stakes – The stakes used at this table.
  • Blinds – The blinds used at this table. Shown for Pot Limit and No Limit games.
  • Plrs – Number of players playing currently at this table (not including the dealer)
  • Av. Pot – Average pot per game at this table for the last 50 hands.
  • P/F – The percent of players who started the hand and stayed in until the flop cards were dealt, out of the total number of players at the table. This is an average, calculated for the last 50 hands.
  • H/Hr – The number of Poker hands played on the table in the last hour.
  • Wait – Number of people in the waiting list for this table (if any).

Click on a table once to highlight it. The right side of the screen will display the name of the table, and player lists. The Players tab shows players currently seated at the table, while the Waiting tab shows players who are on the waiting list for the table. Click the Join Table button in the bottom right corner of the screen to sit down at the highlighted table, or click Join waiting list to be automatically offered a vacant seat at the table when one becomes available.

If you’re registering for a tournament instead of playing at a table, the right side of the lobby screen will display the tournament details. Click Go to Tournament to open a window where you can register for the tournament.

Please note: Some tournaments do not have a visible registration list. You will only be able to join a waiting list, and the tournament will begin as soon as there are enough people registered.


You can set filters for the lobby tree, so that tables/tournaments which do not match the filter are not displayed. This is useful when you know exactly what sort of game you want, and don’t want to look through long lists.

Filters can be set by clicking on the ‘Filters are On/Off’ text on the top of the lobby’s central part. A little panel with checkboxes will appear. There are checkboxes for parameters which are relevant to the list of tables/tournaments you are currently viewing. If you check a box, only tables/tournaments that match this parameter will be displayed.

If some of the boxes are checked, the text says Filters are ON. If no boxes are checked, the text says Filters are OFF. If you want to turn off the filter quickly, click on the Reset Filters text.

Waiting list 

When you click on the Join waiting list button, a window will open. Here you can specify the kind of table you want to play at. As soon as there is an open seat at a table that matches your selections, you will be taken to the table and seated.

The following selections are available:

  • Game type – use the dropdown list to select the game you want to play.
  • Limit type – use the dropdown list to select the limit for the table.
  • Stakes/Blinds – use the dropdown list to select the stakes for the table.
  • Min Players – use the + and – signs to select the number of players that must already be seated at the table.
  • Real money/play money – select whether you want to play at a real-money table, or at a fun-only table.
  • DP tables – check this box if you agree to play at a table that has disconnection protection.
  • Non DP tables – check this box if you agree to play at a table that does not have disconnection protection.
  • Heads Up – check this box if you agree to play at a Heads Up (two-player) table.
  • 6 players – check this box if you agree to play at a table with 6 seats.
  • 8 players – check this box if you agree to play at a table with 8 seats.
  • 10 players – check this box if you agree to play at a table with 10 seats.

Please note: the if you have checked more than one box for a particular option – such as both Heads Up and 8 players – you will be seated at the first table that matches at least one selection.

Choosing a table

To start playing, the first thing to do is to find a table. The tree is sorted by game type (“Texas Hold’em”, “Omaha”, “Omaha Hi-Lo”, “Stud”); each game type is sorted into table types (“Limit”, “Pot Limit”, “No Limit”, “Turbo”, “Heads Up”, “Micro”, “Play Money”); and each table type is sorted by stake or blind size. You can join a table by selecting it from the list and clicking Join Table, or by double clicking the room name. When the table window opens, click on an empty seat to join the players (you will have to wait until the start of the next hand).

Next, choose the amount of money you want to bring to the table. As the game progresses, this amount will increase or decrease based on how much you win or lose. Once you exit the game table and return to the lobby, your table balance will be added to your total balance.

Fold to any bet Check this box to fold your cards whenever possible.
Sit out Check this box skip the next hand. You will stay seated at the table. When you uncheck this box, you will return to the game at the start of the next hand. If you missed a round where you should have posted a blind, then you have to post it when you return to the game. You can choose to wait for your turn to post the blind.
View hand strength Check this box to see the type of poker hand you have. The hand strength is displayed under the pot size (on the table, in front of the virtual dealer) once five cards are dealt, including your hole cards.
Auto muck Do not display your cards during Showdown, if another player has a better hand than you, or your bet has not been called.
Auto post Check this box to post blinds automatically.
Get more chips To buy chips, using the money in your total balance, click here. You can buy more chips in the middle of a game round, but you cannot use them until the round is over.Please note: if by buying chips in the middle of a round, and then winning the round, you end up with more chips than the table maximum, the extra chips will be taken away and their value returned to your balance.
Re-buy In a tournament, this allows you to make a re-buy when you are almost out of chips.
(Subject to tournament settings.)
Chat To chat with other players, type your text into the chat bar and press enter, or click the “Chat” button.
Help Click this button to open the help file (which you are reading right now).
Options Click here to open the options window, where you can adjust various game settings.
Lobby Click here to go back to the Lobby. The table window will remain open – this button does not make you leave the table.
Chat Options Click the “Chat Options” next to the chat window to select what sort of data you prefer to see in the chat window: “Summary” contains a summarized row for every hand, “Dealer” contains all actions made by the dealer and the players during the game, “Player” contains chatting between players.
History Clicking this button will enable you to view the hands played on the current table during your current game session.
Stats Clicking this button will open a statistics window with an overview of the hands played in the table during your current session.
Player note By clicking the player’s name tag you’ll be able to enter a short comment on the player. You’ll always be able to distinguish players for whom you’ve already made comments by a stapled note on their name tag; the complete note will be displayed when you hover over the player’s name tag or avatar.
Your Buddy By clicking the player’s name tag you’ll also be introduced to the option to mark the player as your buddy. You can later search for “Only buddies” in the Poker lobby and see where your favorite buddies are playing.
Ignore Chat If you check this box, you will not see the player chatting. You will see a little icon in the top left corner of the player’s name tag, in the shape of a speech bubble with a red X. You can also ignore or un-ignore a player by right-clicking on the name tag.


When selecting a tournament from the lobby tree, you’ll be presented with the following tournament types: Scheduled, Sit’n’Go, Satellites, Specials and Heads Up. The columns of the tournament list table are explained below:

  • Game type – The game played in the tournament.
  • Buy-in + Fee – The prize fund of the tournament is comprised of the total buy in collected from registered players. The fee is collected by the poker provider for hosting the tournament.
  • Start time – For scheduled tournaments, the start time of the tournament.
  • Max players – The maximum number of players allowed in the tournament.
  • Registered – The number of players registered to the tournament.
  • Status – The tournament status, including the number of players still needed (where appropriate).

After clicking on a tournament you’ll be able to see the tournament window, where additional information will be displayed.