Speed Hold’em Poker

PokerPlex24 launches yet another innovation – Speed Hold’em Poker – a new cash game format that will change the way you experience poker forever.

With so much competition in online poker nowadays, it is important for a player to find a rewarding VIP program in an online poker site. Keen online poker players choose a room according to various parameters but mostly on how fast and easy the poker room allows the players to climb the ladder of their VIP Program. If you are reading this article then you must already know how valuable the Pokerplex24 VIP Program is and how higher the benefits get, as you ascend our VIP level ladder.

With the introduction of Speed Games, a player can definitely climb the VIP level ladder at a very fast pace, unlocking the benefits in less time than when you play at our normal poker tables! With Speed Games you are able to play 3 times faster as explained in the below example :

Player ‘Poker123’ normally plays 6 traditional tables at once. He decides to try and play in the Speed Game tables and plays three tables. These 3 tables allow him to play the same number of hands of 3 × 3 = 9 traditional tables. So with no effort this player has been able to increase the rake produced (and therefore the number of PP24) by 50%!

Of course you can also see the above example in VIP levels rather than in points! It is easy to see how fast you can run through each level and with some dedication easily reach our top VIP level 8 in a short time. And as you might already know by now, if you manage to reach the top VIP level for 3 consecutive months, you will retain these benefits for a whole calendar year.

Once you feel you want to seriously play for real money or want to speed up your VIP Club ascensions, consider Speed Games as a viable option to achieve this!

Think about it, and we are sure to see more of you at the tables!

How to Find a Speed Game

Click on the Speed Games tab in the poker lobby:

Speed Poker FAQs

What does the “Speed Fold” button do?

The “Speed Fold” button – located at the bottom of the Speed Poker tables – moves you to another table for your next hand right away, even if the action hasn’t reached you yet. Players at your previous table will only be able to see you fold when it’s your turn to act. You can use the “Speed Fold” button at any point in a hand as long as you are facing a bet. Once you click on the Speed Fold button, the action cannot be reversed.

How does seating position work in a Speed Poker game?

When you join a Speed Poker game, most of the time you’ll be seated in the big blind position. When you move to a new table, the big blind is assigned to a player who has gone the longest without posting it. All other seating positions are random from hand to hand.

Can I open more than one table of the same stake?

Yes, you can enter a table up to 4 times for each stake, meaning that you can play at 4 tables simultaneously per stake level.

Can I observe a Speed Poker game?

Every time a player in a Speed Poker game folds or finishes a hand, he is moved to a new table. Therefore, opponents are not constantly seated at the same table for you to observe them. The best way to experience Speed Poker is to try it out!